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Massage belt

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    USD 200.00 - USD 200.00 / 件
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    1-1 USD 200 10 Days
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Color: Orange & Green Specifications: By adopting micro computer technology, the high efficiency degreasing belt will directly act on the abdomen and back part with high efficiency vibration device. The internally-allocated powerful 750 model strong power motor will directly act on the human body from the surface to the inside with strong power of 200t/m to the deep grease of the human body. Infrared ray heat treatment function to extend the effect form the used part to the surrounding human body and make the human body carry out sympathetic vibration in all directions and in large scale. The micro computer control program can automatically and gradually enhance the movement intensity of product. It can be adjusted massage intensity by hand to suit for widely human. Characteristic: * Microcomputer control processor, auto adjusts or hand adjusts. * 750 model electromotion provides strong power. * Particular big extent level moving mode.


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